Sub-acute (step-down) facilities

A wide variety of patients will benefit from the professional medical, nursing and therapeutic care provided at the sub-acute and rehabilitation facilities which are owned and managed by Medicross.

Our approach to care is holistic; with doctors, nurses and appropriate therapists working together in multi-disciplinary teams to provide professional treatment and compassionate care designed to meet the needs of each individual patient.

Our services include the following:

  • Post-operative and convalescent care after surgery or trauma
  • Cancer care and AIDS care including palliative, hospice and terminal care
  • Recovery from a cardiac incident such as a heart attack, orthopaedic care and pulmonary care
  • Specialised wound care and trachea care
  • Rehabilitation and mobilising care after general, brain or spinal cord injury, stroke or trauma.
  • Convalescent, respite or frail care

Each patient admitted to one of our sub-acute facilities is assessed by the treating doctor as well as by appropriate therapists whose intervention will be necessary to support the patient’s recovery. Therapists providing services to patients may include a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, dietician and a social worker. Nursing care is provided by our team of professional nursing staff members, who are supported by trained care workers.

Admission requirements

Patients who are members of a medical scheme will require a letter of motivation from their doctor to the medical scheme, as well as authorisation from their medical aid, which will be arranged by the case manager at the hospital or the sub-acute facility.

Private patients, i.e. those who aren’t members of a medical scheme, will require a letter of referral from their doctor.

Sub-acute facilities


Highway Sub-acute and Rehabilitation Hospital

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