A number of Medicross facilities are being equipped with solar PV roof panels

A number of Medicross facilities are being equipped with solar PV roof panels, aligned to environmentally sustainable principles.

Wednesday, July 22 2015

This forms part of Medicross’ commitment to conduct all of our operations in a manner which will sustain environmental resources and human health, in line with the Netcare Group’s environmental sustainability strategy.

To enhance the energy efficiency in Medicross’ facilities and reduce our environmental footprint, some 625kWp (kilowatt peak) of solar roof panels have been installed to date at 12 Medicross centres. This is expected to reduce their annual energy consumption by more than 1 100 000 (kilowatt hour) when all 15 facilities are completed. Solar roof installations are furthermore currently underway at 3 Medicross centres. Back-up battery systems have also been installed at a number of facilities with day theatres.  All 14 of the facilities will be completed by September 2016 with the last one being a new built, to be completed before December 2016.

In a further effort to optimise energy efficiency, lighting upgrades whereby traditional energy inefficient lights are replaced with new energy efficient LED (light emitting diodes) and fluorescent lights, are also being undertaken at 16 Medicross facilities and will be completed in August 2016 An occupancy sensor installation has been completed at Medicross’ head office to ensure efficient use of lighting.

We will continue to focus our efforts on improving our environmental performance through effective use of all resources and efficient management to minimise any adverse impact on the environment. Actively managing our dependency on national utilities also results in direct and indirect cost savings, reduced environmental impact and better management of environmental risks.