Occupational health

Netcare Occupational Health, which is part of the Netcare Group’s Primary Care division , offers specialised occupational health services to employers ranging from multi-national corporates to smaller enterprises across the spectrum of industry sectors; from construction and mining to aviation and chemicals manufacturing.  

As an established specialist occupational health services provider with a proven track record of over 20 years, Netcare Occupational Health   is playing a fundamental role in assisting companies to comply with general as well as industry specific statutory, legislative and regulatory occupational health requirements. Netcare Occupational Health also offers cross-border medicals in accordance with occupational health requirements of specific countries.

Our in-depth knowledge in the field of occupational health requirements, compliance and practice management is strengthened by our established infrastructure and occupational health geographic footprint in all nine South African provinces.  We also provide services in other areas on the African continent. 

Customised solutions to meet the needs of any size company in any industry sector.

Our geographic footprint in providing occupational health services spans across all nine South African provinces.

Our specialised occupational health services can be customised to meet the needs of corporate companies and enterprises of all sizes in any industry, and incorporate the following key components:

  • The identification and prevention of healthcare risks to employees, aligned to the relevant labour legislation and regulations to which all South African employers are legally bound.
  • Providing employers with detailed information on occupational health related matters concerning their workforce, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions.

We furthermore offer holistic integrated employee wellness services which are supported by in-house developed and customised primary healthcare systems, processes, programmes and management tools, to complement our occupational health service.

Netcare Occupational Health’s holistic integrated occupational health and employee wellness service offering

Prime Cure Wellness’ holistic integrated occupational health and employee wellness service offering

Integrated OCH, wellness, emergency & EWP
  • One patient view
  • Cross referrals
  • Multi-disciplinary solution
  • Cost effective solution

Physical wellness
Wellness screening

Chronic diseases

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • HIV

Disease management

Chronic disease management

  • HIV
  • Clinical management
  • Counselling
  • Medicine compliance
  • Follow up & reporting

Emergency management
  • Provision of EMS staff
  • Equipped to appropriate life support level
  • Purchase & supply all emergency medical equipment & consumables
  • Assist in disaster management

Psychosocial wellness
  • Stress management
  • Mental illness
  • Legal advice* Financial advice

Occupational health
Medical surveillance

National assessments

  • Pre-employments
  • Periodicals
  • Exits

Key components of Netcare Occupational Health's occupational health service

Assisting employers with legal compliance

Health risk assessment

AIA Hygiene assessments

Medical surveillance plan

Biological monitoring

Fitness certification

Emergency access

Emergency preparedness

First aid box management

First aid training

Management of injury and diseases claims

Liaison with employers

Monthly, quarterly, annual & reports

Participation in health and safety meetings

Participation in ill health management

Quality control e.g. audits

Health and safety inspection reports

Complementing employers’ risk management & enhancing productivity and employee wellbeing

Sick absenteeism management

On-site PHC dispensing licence

Chronic disease management

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To find out more about how Netcare Occupational Health's professional health and wellness services can benefit you as employer as well as your employees, please e-mail Casper Van Den Bergh or phone us at tel. 011 301 0050.